Q.Where can I install synthetic grass?
A. Anywhere you have natural grass, also patios, balconies, decking, and areas that you want a naturally green surface 365 day of the year. Synthetic grass can be installed on a specifically prepared base, or laid on concrete, pavers etc.

Q. Can I park my car on the synthetic grass?
A. Yes, however a heavier duty base is required to withstand the vehicles weight

Q. I have pets, what special care if any, do I have to do to keep the synthetic grass looking like new?
A.Pets will use the synthetic grass as a toilet, just like natural grass, you must regularly wash the urine through the grass or you will get a build-up of ammonia, which will cause an unpleasant odour.

Q .How long will synthetic lawn last?
A. Here at Hugh’s Synthetic Turf we only supply the best Australian products available, you can expect a lifespan of 15-20 years.

Q. Does the synthetic grass have a warranty?
A.Yes, All Synthetic grass comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 7 years or more,

Q The big question is how much does synthetic lawn cost?
A. Cost varies, from which synthetic grass you choose and how much preparation is required if we are installing as well.

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Some handy Tips and things you may want to know about synthetic grass here in Perth.

You may notice that your artificial grass which is under direct sunlight is most likely to heat up as the day gets hotter. The best way of cooling your synthetic turf down is to simply mist it with water. This light application with water, which can be controlled using a sprinkler, will help to cool down your artificial grass and ensure it is safe and enjoyable to walk, run, lie down and play on.

Synthetic Turf and Its Beauty on a large scale in Perth WA

The beauty of synthetic grass can be seen in the designing in our new modern sport stadium to give a natural look in any certain event. Most of the new popular resorts are also using synthetic turf as it adds a glamorous look to the whole setting.

It also gives a convenient seat for the children without the hassle of some real grass’s that may cause irritation to their skin and allergies. Synthetic grass is indeed great for all greeneries projects, outdoor landscaping and the florist industries. It also captivates our sight with the beauty of fake foliage used for a modern concept of

decorations. A Greeneries project is definitely not an easy task, therefore in order to come up with a perfect and accurate design artificial lawn is a great solution.